Boiled corn is an American delicacy, which is gaining popularity in Europe and is also very popular in Eastern countries (Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus).

The corncobs were brought to Europe by Columbus in the XV century. But this vegetable was known for thousands of years. Scientists believe people living in central Mexico developed corn at least 7000 years ago. The Maya believed that human were made from cornflour and even used the corncob for sacrifice to God.

However, buying the right maize and preparing it well is not that easy. Which corncob is the tastiest and how to prepare it?

How to choose the corn?

If we want to eat delicious corn, first of all, we have to buy one. To eat, let’s choose sweet corn, young, with a not too large corncob. So that it does not lose its quality, it’s worth making it the same day.

How to cook the corncob?

We peel the flask from the leaves and rinse it lightly in water. Then throw it into the water (it should float) and boil it. The cooking time depends on the corncob we bought. We boil young cobs for 10-15 minutes, older ones or from fodder maize even up to an hour.

Remember that corn which is cooked for too long hardens, so keep checking the state of the corncob with a fork or skewer stick. If we want the corn to get a stronger taste, add some sugar to the water. Never add salt.

Drain the corn after cooking. You can spread it with butter, salt and eat it. Bon Appetit!

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