So month of may is basically over but the barbecue season is far from it. Here we present you with our favourite and best barbecue recipes that we know you will love!

But why people love barbecue? We think it is not only due to delicious dishes but also the fact that it usually involve people gathering and spending time with each other.

But coming back to the barbecue dishes – we don’t know about you but whenever we smell somebody making barbecue we are instantly hungry or should we say starving (even while writing this we suddenly feel that we crave some barbecue). Are we alone in this or there are many more people feeling the same. Leave us your thoughts on this subject in the comments section down below.

Vegeterian barbecue recipes


Grilled asparagus with toast

Grilled veggies, especially grilled asparagus. for us is the best part of a barbecue. But it wasn’t always so.

When we were kids we only have meat on the barbecue and nobody heard anything about grilled veggies. And now it is a completely different story. We can’t imagine a barbecue without at least some grilled vegetables or even a grill that in majority is comprised of “the green stuff”.

So let us show you how in simple steps you can prepare grilled asparagus.


Grilled aubergine and courgette with mozzarella cheese
Grilled aubergine and courgette with mozzarella cheese

Aubergine and courgette are one of our favourite veggies. You may already know that by the number of recipes we have on this blog that contains those two delicacies.

Grilled aubergine and courgette with mozzarella cheese has been present on our barbecue for years now. So much so that our friends and family don’t consider it a full barbecue if this combination is not on the menu.

It is easy and it is a great way to sneak in those veggies during barbecue dinners. So here it is, the recipe for grilled aubergine and courgette with mozzarella cheese.

Meat barbecue recipes


skrzydełka pikantne BBQ

There are several versions of BBQ sauce history, but there is evidence that in the fifteenth century Christoper Columbus brought sauce to Europe after his numerous expeditions. The art of grilling was presented to Europeans by North American and South American natives who used this sauce for marinating alpaca meat, now known as BBQ.

Today we have prepared for you our own recipe for BBQ sauce, to be precise the spicy BBQ wings. Enjoy!


Szaszłyki z figami, szynką prosciutto i serem do grilowania
Figs, prosciutto ham and halloumi cheese skewers

Are you looking for an alternative to classic barbecue kebabs? We have an interesting proposition for you. Figs, prosciutto ham and halloumi cheese skewers. The saltiness of ham will complement the sweetness of figs, while the cheese will join the whole dish giving appropriate taste. Ready for a new taste experience? Well, let’s start barbecue.


Grilled asparagus rolled in bacon
Grilled asparagus rolled in bacon

For the past few weeks, we have shared with you some simple and at the same time amazing recipes using asparagus. Today is no different. So, we are here to present you with the amazing recipe – grilled asparagus rolled in bacon.

This recipe for us has it all. The bacon for that true barbecue meaty flavour which surrounds the fresh and so delicious asparagus. This should satisfy all those meat lovers and make it much more okay dish as there are veggies in it.


Quick meat shashlik
Quick meat shashlik – CRAVEmonkey

Today we will present you the recipe for the most popular grill dish in Russia. We’re talking about famous meat shish kebabs that are also called shashlik. Without these dish it is not possible to have a picnic, a trip to the countryside to the so-called datcha (cottage) and other outdoor events around the grill.

The recipe we share with you today will be especially useful when you forgot to prepare the meat earlier and you do not have a few hours to marinate it. Here, you only need half an hour, which is what it takes to light a traditional grill. So get to work!

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