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Winter spice tea

Are you bored with coffee or regular tea bags? Are you looking for something more authentic and tasty at the same time? We have a special warming spicy tea ricepe for you.

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Buttermilk pancakes with apples

Inspired by childhood memories, we decided to reproduce the recipe for buttermilk pancakes with apples. They are yummy, fluffy and only require simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. So let’s start.

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The anti-flu smoothie

As the winter weather doesn’t always work good for our health, we come to you with the simplest recipe of the anti-flu smoothie it’s tasty, got lots of vitamins and even natural antibiotics (in garlic). We recommend that you drink it regularly to increase your immunity. If you already got a cold, increase the amount of garlic, ginger and honey in the smoothie.

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Apple crisps

We are continuing to give you great effortless recipes. This sweet treat is not only yummy but also healthy and you can make it in advance a few days before the quests will visit you. This time it takes only 2 ingredients and 3 simplest steps to make. We are talking about apple crisps with pumpkin pie spice.
Crunchy apple crisps will bring you and your guests into a comfy and warm atmosphere so the cold winter won’t scare you ;).
Let’s get to work and we recommend that you make as many crisps as possible because they will disappear in no time.

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Classic Polish vegetable salad

The festive tables of Poles are full of traditional dishes that unite generations. Although there is no strict canon of Christmas dishes, most of us at the thought of Christmas starters almost smell and taste … vegetable salad – permanently inscribed on the mandatory list of dishes. We have a special fondness for a salad prepared as it was done by grandma, mum or aunt…

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Roasted duck with apples

At our house, this dish is a classic on any family gathering so it is always available on our Christmas table
But be aware here in Poland we do not eat meat on Christmas Eve (which many of you might not know is the main event of the Holidays). This dish is always there on the First day of Christmas but still, it is very important as it is the main dish!
So here we present you with this easy recipe. Now you will finally be able to get this crispy and soft (and so delicious) duck. It is so delicious it just melts in your mouth and let us tell you we are mouth watering just when we are writing this (so we assume you are doing the same when you’re reading this :D). 

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We all in the UK have this as a staple food in our pub and bakery diet, as our bakeries are nothing compared to the rest of Europe. Then one day, some of us realised how easy and tasty these are to make at home.
And so the adventure begins. You can replicate your favourite sausages from around the world and wrap them in some puff pastry and voila you will have an amazing sausage roll.

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