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Sweet potato toast with avocado

If you dream about a quick meal, which also contains protein, fats and carbohydrates, and in addition is delicious – you’ve come to the right place. Our latest discovery is brilliant: toast from sweet potatoes!

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Svaneti salt

Svaneti salt is a Georgian spice, which was named after the rocky Svaneti region of Georgia, where it is produced. All the herbs which are added to the salt are growing in the Svaneti mountains. The Svaneti salt will bring the unique aroma and spicy oriental taste to your dishes.
Nowadays doctors are suggesting to minimize the amount of salt, so it is a great idea to use this herb salt instead of the ordinary one. Let’s make the legendary Svaneti salt today, and we are sure you’ll be using only it from now on.

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Courgette parmesan chips

Today we’ve got a new courgette recipe for you – a delicious, cheesy, flavorful snack that only requires four ingredients plus some spices – courgette parmesan chips.

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Garlic cheese snack

The biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve is coming to town! Are you ready for the guests? No? In that case, the CRAVEmonkey team is coming to the rescue with our magic recipe of a great party snack.
This snack is magically connected with number “4” 🙂 See it for yourself: you need only 4 ingredients for it, the recipe has only 4 steps and there are 4 great advantages for this recipe: it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap and there’ll be enough snacks for everyone.

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