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Sourdough for sour rye soup (zurek)

Zurek (sour rye soup) is a soup that here in Poland is associated with the autumn and winter time. It is a substantive, heavy and sour soup. We hope, however, that this description did not scare you away, if you have not tried it yet – because it is a wonderful dish.
Yes, a dish! It is one of the few soups that can fill a hungry wanderer (this is the most-bought soup in mountain hostels). But we are starting the subject from the wrong angle. This post is not about a żurek, or rather not directly… Because before we begin to prepare this soup we must have sourdough.

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Best easter recipes

So Easter is upon us and we have decided to share with you all our Easter recipes. They are both sweet and savoury so definitely, everybody will find something for themselves.

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Mazurek – Polish Easter cake

The Easter is here and there wouldn’t be this family celebration without some traditional Polish Mazurek. We know you all think this is a very difficult cake but let us guide you through this process and you will impress everybody with a delicious cake in no time.
Also you can do this cake on any occasion it is so easy and delicious! So what are you waiting for? Try it!

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Polish white borscht

White borscht is one of the key dishes on our Easter table. It is an alternative to Żurek or Żur. It is gentler in taste than the soups mentioned at the same time being very flavourful.

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Roasted white sausage

For us there are three ingredients that are in the most savoury dishes for Easter. They are eggs, marjoram and white sausage. So we have decided to start with a simple recipe of roasted white sausages that combine two of those ingredients.

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Homemade mayonnaise

Ahhh… homemade mayonnaise. Fresh. Inexpensive. Quick. Delicious. Not to mention additive free.
Mayonnaise takes less than 10 minutes to make at home, and it tastes SO much better than most of the brands at the store. Fresh is definitely better when it comes to mayo, and you only need 5 ingredients!

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Classic Polish vegetable salad

The festive tables of Poles are full of traditional dishes that unite generations. Although there is no strict canon of Christmas dishes, most of us at the thought of Christmas starters almost smell and taste … vegetable salad – permanently inscribed on the mandatory list of dishes. We have a special fondness for a salad prepared as it was done by grandma, mum or aunt…

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Roasted duck with apples

At our house, this dish is a classic on any family gathering so it is always available on our Christmas table
But be aware here in Poland we do not eat meat on Christmas Eve (which many of you might not know is the main event of the Holidays). This dish is always there on the First day of Christmas but still, it is very important as it is the main dish!
So here we present you with this easy recipe. Now you will finally be able to get this crispy and soft (and so delicious) duck. It is so delicious it just melts in your mouth and let us tell you we are mouth watering just when we are writing this (so we assume you are doing the same when you’re reading this :D). 

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Herring with onion in olive oil

Here in Poland there is no house where you will not find herring on the Christmas table. Therefore we are bringing you a classical edition of herring with onion in olive oil. Yes for all you Poles it alredy might be a twist as tipicaly it is not the olive oil that is used for this dish :). But here at CRAVEmonkey, we belive that it is exactly this ingredeint that takes the herring to the next level. Try it and you will know what we mean.
There are also many further variations to this combination but we want to start with the simple and classic one so you will have a proper introduction and base. And then you can play with this dish as a next step. 

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Mazurek toppings ideas

We have prepared for you a few of our ideas on how to decorate your Mazurek but not only. You can use these ideas and mix them with any cake you like. So go have a look and choose your favorite cake topping.

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