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Carrot cake

Carrot cake – the perfect harmony of carrots and nuts! This recipe for carrot cake is for the ones that have a sweet tooth.

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Banana millet porridge

Recently recipes with millet have been published on our site. What do you know about millet? Millet comes from Africa, Northern China and India, it remains the basis of a diet of about one-third of the world’s population.

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Swift poppy seed cake

Holidays are right here! That’s why we have for you another recipe, which will like a magic wand allow you to bake a wonderful cake without any effort and in less time than it would take you going to the nearest bakery. And this time it’s the recipe for the most festive cake in Poland. Can there be a Christmas without the poppy seed cake? We don’t think so 🙂
An additional advantage of our poppy seed cake is that there is no flour or sugar in it. The main sweetener of this poppy seed cake is dried fruits and thanks to them you can make this cake in a different way every time. For example, once we took as a base for our poppy seed cake mainly dried apricots and walnuts with a small addition of other dried fruits, another time there was mainly coconut flakes, recently there was a lot of peanuts and dates. Mixing and changing the type of dried fruits and nuts in this recipe, each time you can have a bit different cake – with a hint of apricot or with a hint of coconut … We encourage you to experiment in the kitchen!
So let’s start our work because Christmas is coming!

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