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“Drunk Orange” brownie

What is the perfect brownie? Moist. Strongly chocolate. With intense flavor and smell. Melting in the mouth. With a light orange flavor. Perfect crisp crackly top, super fudgy centre. Easy to bake & always welcomed by quests. Take a bite and enjoy your perfect cake.

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Orange icing

The icing is probably the most simple thing you can make, but we are searching for more new inspirations. Still, the icing recipes haven’t changed too much in centuries.
According to the Food Timeline website, the first recipe for icing was documented by Elizabeth Raffald in 1769. So today our inspiration for an interesting frosting is an orange 🙂

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Winter spice tea

Are you bored with coffee or regular tea bags? Are you looking for something more authentic and tasty at the same time? We have a special warming spicy tea ricepe for you.

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White mulled wine

White mulled wine is a great alternative to classic red mulled wine. It is much lighter and more delicate than the red one. With the hint of freshly squeezed orange juice, this drink is so refreshing and warming at the same time.
So if you are a huge fan of red mulled wine, but you are not afraid of experiments and trying new tastes, you definitely should try this drink. If, on the contrary, you still are not convinced about the taste of red mulled wine, you must try this white version, maybe it will be a perfect warm drink for you?
Let’s not waste our time and warm up a cold evening with the perfect taste of white mulled wine!

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Mulled wine

There is nothing better than a cup of warm mulled wine on a cold autumn or winter night. It is a great drink to warm you up as well as get you in the spirit of Christmas. 
Mulled wine is a great drink to have with friends or family. The spices in this beverage such as cinnamon, cloves, and star anise make it so easy to get into the spirit of Christmas. So make this great recipe and share it this season with your friends and family! 

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Caramelized oranges

Caramelized oranges are always a great addition to an awesome cake. Here is an easy recipe how to get the perfect caramelized oranges. Try it and you will never regret it!

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