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Polish white borscht

White borscht is one of the key dishes on our Easter table. It is an alternative to Żurek or Żur. It is gentler in taste than the soups mentioned at the same time being very flavourful.

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Broccoli soup with feta cheese

We all know, that eating vegetables is very important for your health. It is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits at least 5 times a day. They can be consumed in different ways: juice, snacks, salads or as a part of other dishes.
Today we bring you a great idea of a vegetable meal. It is a very rich and creamy broccoli soup! It has only 3-4 simple ingredients and does not require much work or time. Simple and easy as most of our recipes.

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Christmas red borscht

In Poland, red borscht is one of the twelve traditional Christmas dishes served on Christmas Eve dinner. Cooked on a vegetarian broth, served with aromatic dumplings full of mushrooms is the quintessence of Christmas.
Borscht served on Christmas Eve is a fast soup (meatless). It does not contain any meat additives, it is a “pure” soup made with vegetable broth, beetroot and mushrooms. It is usually served as the first dish on Christmas Eve dinner.

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Lithuanian cold soup (Chłodnik Litewski)

So we are starting this trip with you with a total classic! It is so heavenly on those hot summer afternoons (or spring :P). We gonna be honest with you… we have been eating this amazing dish from day one of this trip and we get more and more in love with this soup with every single spoon…  
That is why we had to share this recipe with you so you could join us! Follow this simple steps and in no time you will be here with us!

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