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Golden Syrup

Golden syrup is our “secret” ingredient that we often use in our sweet recipes. See the recipe how to make ypur own golden syrup at home.

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Super creamy hummus without lumps! Do not look any further, we got you covered. Play and have fun with this recipe.

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Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon lemonade is such a summer drink – sweet but yet so fresh. It’s a twist on traditional lemonade. See how to make watermelon lemonade.

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The anti-flu smoothie

As the winter weather doesn’t always work good for our health, we come to you with the simplest recipe of the anti-flu smoothie it’s tasty, got lots of vitamins and even natural antibiotics (in garlic). We recommend that you drink it regularly to increase your immunity. If you already got a cold, increase the amount of garlic, ginger and honey in the smoothie.

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