We are now in the cold months. To be honest, autumn is my favourite season and not because of the changing colours on the trees or melancholy on the streets – that I love! But the fact that you can warm yourself with some great food and drinks. Therefore I am here to present you with my mom’s recipe for braised pork ribs.

During the cooler months, this was a go-to dish. My mom always made a big portion as the braised pork ribs taste the same (if not better) on the second day. And let me tell you that they never lasted longer than that as my whole family loved the dish.

Therefore I decided it is the time to share this recipe with you. It is not complicated nor is it revolutionary but I think the joy in life comes mostly from simple things.

So come join me in making this delicious dish.

Braised pork ribs
Braised pork ribs

Ingredients for braised pork ribs:

  • pork ribs
  • 3 allspice
  • 3 bay leaves
  • salt
  • oil (for frying)


  1. Wash and pat dry the pork ribs.
  2. Cut them in smaller pieces (I usually cut it so one or two rib bones are in one piece). And season it in salt from all sides.
  3. Then set aside for about an hour. You can skip that step if you are in a hurry but it is worth the wait. But don’t worry if you can’t. I am known to skip this step from time to time as I want the braised pork ribs to be ready faster. In this case, patience is not my virtue.
  4. In a large pot boil the water which is filled halfway. Add the bay leaves and allspice and put it on low/medium heat)
  5. While the water is being prepared, add some oil to a frying pan and heat it up on medium heat.
  6. Then add the ribs and brown them from all sides. This step is crucial as we need to “close” the meat. This will assure the meat keeps the flavour but is nice and soft inside. I would even say that it melts in your mouth.
  7. When a piece is ready and browned from all sides add it to the boiled water.
  8. Once all the ribs are browned and in the pot boil them for about 45 minutes. After that time is done they are ready to be served!

The perfect combination for me personally is the braised pork ribs alongside sauerkraut and some mashed potatoes. I tell you there is nothing better than this to survive the dark cold autumn and winter evening. Of course food wise 🙂

Braised pork ribs alongside sauerkraut and some mashed potatoes
Braised pork ribs alongside sauerkraut and some mashed potatoes

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