In my house, there are no holidays without wafer with butterscotch. There was and will be this recipe prepared in my house. Butterscotch wafers are easy to prepare and it is delicious to clean after making them (read licking spoons after butterscotch or jam).

wafer with butterscotch

These are the cookies that can be made by even the biggest layman in the kitchen. They do not require baking (if you buy already made wafers), and they taste great. You can, of course, experiment with different layers but for me, the butterscotch and jam set is just the taste of childhood that never goes away!

Well, let’s do it!

Wafer cookies with butterscotch

Ingredients for the wafer with butterscotch:

  • wafers – one package (there should be 5 wafer sheets in the package – if it is less you can skip one layer of butterscotch but the jam should be between the layers of butterscotch)
  • butterscotch
  • jam (we recommend sour jam and preferably home-made jam, here you can find a recipe for cherry jam and plum jam)
Wafer cookies with butterscotch


  1. Unpack the wafers and place the first sheet on the counter so that the larger dimples are on top.
  2. Then cover the entire wafer evenly with butterscotch – so that there is no excess (we do not want butterscotch to spill on the sides). Cover with another wafer sheet.
  3. Repeat the second step.
  4. The third layer will be a layer with jam. We recommend using jam with a more sour flavour like cherry, blueberry or black currant to break the sweetness of butterscotch and give it that additional kick. Here, as in the case of butterscotch, we cover it evenly and do not leave excess. Then we cover with another wafer sheet.
  5. Now it’s time for the last sweet layer and we’re back to butterscotch. Finally, cover with the last piece of wafer sheet.
  6. Now the encyclopedias or heavy cookbooks will come in handy :). To help the wafer stick properly place heavy books over the wafer so that they cover the entire wafer evenly. Leave the wafer for a few hours, preferably all night.
  7. Then you can cut it into smaller pieces – I prefer squares but here we leave this decision completely up to you.
  8. And it’s ready.

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Wafer cookies with butterscotch

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