Hi, my name is Agata and I am an asparagus addict. For the past few weeks, I have shared with you some simple and at the same time amazing recipes using asparagus. Today is no different. So, I am here to present you with the amazing recipe – grilled asparagus rolled in bacon.

This recipe for me has it all. The bacon for that true barbecue meaty flavour which surrounds the fresh and so delicious asparagus. This should satisfy all those meat lovers and make it much more okay dish as there are veggies in it – am I right?

Grilled asparagus rolled in bacon

Additionally, the bacon cocoon gives enough of flavour but at the same time doesn’t overpower the asparagus. And this is what makes the grilled asparagus rolled in bacon so special.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join me in making this delicious dish!

Ingredients for grilled asparagus rolled in bacon:

  • A bunch of asparagus (thicker ones are better for this dish)
  • As many slices of bacon as you have asparagus


  1. Wash and prepare asparagus – I chose green ones for this dish but other varieties work for this dish as well. If you decide to choose the thin ones just role a few of them at once instead of single asparagus. If you don’t know how to choose and prepare asparagus we do recommend looking at our post on that subject.
  2. Put a slice of bacon (you can also use prosciutto ham for a more diet-friendly option). Then place one asparagus on the edge of bacon and roll it in such a manner that the majority of the asparagus is covered in bacon (make sure it is as even as possible) and only the head is visible.
  3. Place it on a grill and make sure it is nicely grilled from both sides, Bacon should have a crunch to it. Don’t be afraid that we haven’t used any oil as the fat from bacon will melt and protects asparagus from burning. Also, bacon by itself will make this dish full of flavours and no additional herbs are essential.
  4. Best served hot. Enjoy!

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