Agata’s story

Once upon a time, there was this little girl that loved to spend as much time in the kitchen with her grandparents as possible. Firstly she broke everything around her but she was very determined to succeed. So she just started to help here and there and tried not to drop any food on the floor (which was a challenge for a three-year-old). Later on, she got her first job at her family table – she was responsible for setting it. Few years had to pass before her elders saw and appreciate her potential, so they started to share their family secret recipes. Now a few years later (okay more than a few) she can finally share them with you. As that little girl is me I can share a little secret with you right now – I love to bake and my favourite moment is to see the smile on people faces when they have their first bite into a cake/cookie/dessert that I have made.

Swietlana’s story

Probably the first role model of a woman cooking for me was my grandmother, I always remember her in the kitchen as she cooks an infinite number of delicious dishes. Even as a little girl, I was a terrible gulp, because even though she was a fussy eater, I loved sweets, and as I grew up, I became a terrible foddie because I got to know different cuisines and began to savor various dishes. And my grandma always had a lot of good things to eat, but in the kitchen she ruled alone and no one was allowed to disturb her, others could only eat  My mother in turn was not a fan of cooking and willingly shared her duties with me, as a little girl I loved making donuts and cakes with her. After few the first attempts I started making cookies and cakes by myself, my mother willingly gave me a free hand and that is how I started cooking myself.

Cakes have been my favorite dishes so far  I like cakes the most because you can share them with a lot more people. And I love to cook for someone, bring people into a good mood and give them a moment of relaxation. Isn’t it wonderful how in a moment of crisis at work or after a hard day one piece of good cake can restore you to a good mood and motivation? We need so little sometimes to be happy. That’s why the key is the principle that food must be prepared with love, never with coercion or duty.

When eating and drinking, we celebrate special moments in our lives, meet with loved ones and share warmth among family members. I like to experiment in the kitchen. Every time I cook I am looking for an idea for something new. If I make the same cake again on somebody’s request, I often cannot stop myself from changing some ingredient or proportions. Such improvisation in the kitchen often becomes a hit, hence the idea of ​​joining the blog, because it’s difficult to pass a recipe to my friends, if I changed something half and something else came out.

I grew up in Moldova, that’s why in the dry kitchen I like light dishes, full of vegetables, as it is in Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. If I have to choose the favorite cuisine of the world, Greek and Italian cuisine will be in the first place. And in Poland, I discovered a cheesbxnxngfgcbxvecake for myself, probably the cake I bake the most, because it is very simple and allows countles possibilities to experiment with.

Tatiana’s story

Traveler by passion. I’ve always loved discovering new places for myself. There are already 22 countries and 86 places on my list. Travels allow me to get to know the culture of the country, feel the atmosphere of a particular town, get to know local people and their recipe for life. Travels let me live and pose new challenges. Travel is also the discovery of new flavors. I love to try local delicacies, those in restaurants and street food, which allows me to later combine in the kitchen. What is my favorite cuisine in the world? Well, probably Italian. I really like eating too much to decide on one specific one. Hahaha. So my mission on the blog will be to show you the world, the world of flavors.

CRAVEmonkey story

So this all started when we started cooking for friends and families at parties. Slowly we were pushed to start a page to share our cooking ideas, recipes, and inspirations with people. This was only intended for our friends at first, but we liked the idea of sharing what we do here in our kitchen.

We have a philosophy here at CRAVEmonkey not to waste. So you will see us always using seasonal, easily accessible ingredients and often we use the leftovers from one recipe in the next. We all do that sometimes and cook for an army instead and you are often left with stuff to throw and we hate having this. So we will always push to show how one recipe can tie into the next.

We are here to share, create, and inspire. In Poland, you have incredible access to very cheap and tasty fresh produce that you can do a million things with, and we are here to try and show you some creative ways to use your cheap local vegetables!

Stay tuned as our journey has only just begun!  

Former members

Greg’s story

Greg have decided to follow his passion and became a chef in one of the Warsaw restaurants. We wish him good luck on his new adventure!

The story starts a long, long time ago in a kitchen far, far away….. London is where I started, self-taught with a little help from my father who was a chef too. Worked professionally for a few years, but home cooking is where my heart is. Easy to make, tasty food with easily accessible seasonal ingredients. Here in Poland, you have some of the finest fresh produce available to you from nearly every corner. This has pushed me to stay in Poland and to continue to create.