Walnut stuffed prunes with cream is a well-known dessert of Moldavian cuisine. This dessert is so unique because it is not just delicious, but also very healthy and is just a perfect ending to any large dinner or fest. The prunes are great for your stomach and improve digestion. As this dessert comes from Moldova, no wonder that there is red wine in it. And a little bit of red wine is even recommended by doctors 🙂

Everyone knows that plums and walnuts go great together, so it is no surprise that this combination is often used in dessert, cakes and even meat dishes. Good news for you is that this recipe is very simple and it takes only 5-10 minutes to make it.

So let’s try this combination of prunes and walnuts not as ingredient of a dish, but as a solo dessert!

Ingredients for Walnut stuffed prunes with cream:

  • 500 g of smoked plums or prunes
  • 100 g of walnuts
  • 400 g of sour cream (18% fat)
  • 1 glass of dry red wine or water (if you cook for kids)
  • 3 tbsp of sugar
Walnut stuffed prunes with cream


  1. You can use prunes or smoked plums. It is best to find big smoked plums for this dessert. If you use the prunes, wash them well and if they are not too soft, flood them with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes or for 2 hours, if they are very dry. Pour out the water after that.
  2. Fry the walnuts on a dry pan for a couple of minutes (optional).
  3. Stuf the smoked plums with walnuts. We recommend that you use gloves. This is the hardest part, after that it’ll be very easy.
  4. Pour on the dry frying pan 7 tbsp of red wine and 9 tbsp of water (you can try using only wine or only water in case you cook for kids), add 3 tbsp of sugar, stir it while heating the pan, so that so that the sugar melts. Bring to boil and add stuffed plums and cook for 5 minutes in a closed frying pan.
  5. Now you can add the sour cream in 2 ways: first, add it in the last 30 seconds of cooking and mix it well with wine syrup or, the second way, put the prunes into dessert bowls and cover with sour cream as a top layer. We have done it for you both ways, so you can see how it looks.
  6. Put the desser in the fridge and serve it cold.

Family recipe 🙂

In most variations of this dessert, you will find sour cream or even whipped cream as the top layer, but my mother always used to add sour cream to the prunes while cooking. If you try both ways, you will find, that in the second one the dessert is more delicate and just melts in the mouth. It is also easier and quicker this way. And I like the taste and colour of the cream that comes from mixing wine syrup with sour cream. But my cat definitely prefers cream without any extras 😉


Tell us in the comments which way the cream is better for you and share the photo of your desserts with us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter 🙂