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Christmas with CRAVEmonkey

Today is Christmas Eve and we want to share with you the traditions that we have in our families. Some may be obvious to you and others very surprising. Some are related to the country of our origin, but others are family traditions. If you do not know that CRAVEmonkey is created by the following three amazing people: Agata, who comes from Poland, Swietlana, who grew up in Moldova and Tatiana, who came to us from Belarus. We will present here traditions related to our countries as well as our family traditions.

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Swift poppy seed cake

Holidays are right here! That’s why we have for you another recipe, which will like a magic wand allow you to bake a wonderful cake without any effort and in less time than it would take you going to the nearest bakery. And this time it’s the recipe for the most festive cake in Poland. Can there be a Christmas without the poppy seed cake? We don’t think so 🙂
An additional advantage of our poppy seed cake is that there is no flour or sugar in it. The main sweetener of this poppy seed cake is dried fruits and thanks to them you can make this cake in a different way every time. For example, once we took as a base for our poppy seed cake mainly dried apricots and walnuts with a small addition of other dried fruits, another time there was mainly coconut flakes, recently there was a lot of peanuts and dates. Mixing and changing the type of dried fruits and nuts in this recipe, each time you can have a bit different cake – with a hint of apricot or with a hint of coconut … We encourage you to experiment in the kitchen!
So let’s start our work because Christmas is coming!

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Crab salad

There has been so much talking about sweets lately, that it’s about time to think about a filling, savoury snack. That’s why, today, we have three salads for you. Well, actually one, but by adding only one ingredient, you can get three different variants of the salad that will satisfy every taste.
We’re talking about the crab salad, which is very popular in Eastern Europe countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and practically in all the countries from the former Soviet Union. In each family, you will find a different version of this salad, but it certainly will be on every festive table. Most frequently the crab salad is served on New Year’s Eve. We will present to you today the classic version of this salad and two new versions. Maybe we also will inspire you to create your own version?

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Quick plum–chocolate gingerbread cake

There are less and less days left until holidays and more and more things on our “to do” list. We all know how it is… time is running out, we are all crazy doing shopping, because we want to find the right presents for everyone in the family, not to forget about anyone… and still there is house cleaning waiting for us, trip home to relatives, parties and gifts at work… in one word: holidays, holidays and Christmas everywhere around us!!!
When you are overcome by the holidays’ craziness and you are not keeping up with the tasks, we come to you with a great solution: recipe of extra quick plum–chocolate gingerbread cake, which can be done without much effort in a blink of an eye. This will be your secret trick, when you suddenly realize that you have unexpected guests in an hour and you don’t have any dessert for them.

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Christmas red borscht

In Poland, red borscht is one of the twelve traditional Christmas dishes served on Christmas Eve dinner. Cooked on a vegetarian broth, served with aromatic dumplings full of mushrooms is the quintessence of Christmas.
Borscht served on Christmas Eve is a fast soup (meatless). It does not contain any meat additives, it is a “pure” soup made with vegetable broth, beetroot and mushrooms. It is usually served as the first dish on Christmas Eve dinner.

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Tuna “undercover”

This dish is a family recipe. Here in Poland, and as well as in the counties to the east, the more known version is the herring “undercover”. But we find that the tuna with the veggies in this layered dish is more soft and delicate.
Also the fact that almost all the ingredients are grated gives this dish a cloud like texture. And therefore everybody who tries it comes back for more until all is gone.

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Christmas kutia

When we think about Christmas, traditions and Christmas Eve’s flavors, the Kutia dish comes in thought, which we would eat all night long at the festive table at our beloved grandma’s house. For us it’s the taste of childhood and our favorite sweet treat, which you can eat and eat nonstop.
Good news for you is that it is another simple recipe, which requires some time, but doesn’t require too much effort. The most complicated thing is to buy the main ingredient, which is wheat. But no worries, we will give you some tips where to look for it.
If you still are not interested, at the end of the recipe we also will give a lazy version. So check it out!

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Christmas Eggnog

Christmas is a time of fun and joy spent among your closest friends and family. So we decided to make this time even more fun and spiced it up with some good old Christmas eggnog.
Preparing eggnog is very easy despite appearances. The drink consists of eggs, milk, spices and alcohol. You can do it the day before serving and refrigerate. Eggnog recommends to all those who like milk-based drinks.

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Classic Polish vegetable salad

The festive tables of Poles are full of traditional dishes that unite generations. Although there is no strict canon of Christmas dishes, most of us at the thought of Christmas starters almost smell and taste … vegetable salad – permanently inscribed on the mandatory list of dishes. We have a special fondness for a salad prepared as it was done by grandma, mum or aunt…

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Roasted duck with apples

At our house, this dish is a classic on any family gathering so it is always available on our Christmas table
But be aware here in Poland we do not eat meat on Christmas Eve (which many of you might not know is the main event of the Holidays). This dish is always there on the First day of Christmas but still, it is very important as it is the main dish!
So here we present you with this easy recipe. Now you will finally be able to get this crispy and soft (and so delicious) duck. It is so delicious it just melts in your mouth and let us tell you we are mouth watering just when we are writing this (so we assume you are doing the same when you’re reading this :D). 

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Herring with onion in olive oil

Here in Poland there is no house where you will not find herring on the Christmas table. Therefore we are bringing you a classical edition of herring with onion in olive oil. Yes for all you Poles it alredy might be a twist as tipicaly it is not the olive oil that is used for this dish :). But here at CRAVEmonkey, we belive that it is exactly this ingredeint that takes the herring to the next level. Try it and you will know what we mean.
There are also many further variations to this combination but we want to start with the simple and classic one so you will have a proper introduction and base. And then you can play with this dish as a next step. 

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Gingerbread cookies

Today is the day. From today to Christmas Eve we will share with you our recipes from the Christmas Eve Table. And we are starting with the house classic otherwise known as gingerbread cookies.
This recipe you can do a month before Christmas and store the gingerbread cookies in an airtight container (add a slice of apple to them) as they continue to be soft and delicious weeks later.

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