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Crab salad

There has been so much talking about sweets lately, that it’s about time to think about a filling, savoury snack. That’s why, today, we have three salads for you. Well, actually one, but by adding only one ingredient, you can get three different variants of the salad that will satisfy every taste.
We’re talking about the crab salad, which is very popular in Eastern Europe countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and practically in all the countries from the former Soviet Union. In each family, you will find a different version of this salad, but it certainly will be on every festive table. Most frequently the crab salad is served on New Year’s Eve. We will present to you today the classic version of this salad and two new versions. Maybe we also will inspire you to create your own version?

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Tuna “undercover”

This dish is a family recipe. Here in Poland, and as well as in the counties to the east, the more known version is the herring “undercover”. But we find that the tuna with the veggies in this layered dish is more soft and delicate.
Also the fact that almost all the ingredients are grated gives this dish a cloud like texture. And therefore everybody who tries it comes back for more until all is gone.

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Classic Polish vegetable salad

The festive tables of Poles are full of traditional dishes that unite generations. Although there is no strict canon of Christmas dishes, most of us at the thought of Christmas starters almost smell and taste … vegetable salad – permanently inscribed on the mandatory list of dishes. We have a special fondness for a salad prepared as it was done by grandma, mum or aunt…

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