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Sourdough for sour rye soup (zurek)

Zurek (sour rye soup) is a soup that here in Poland is associated with the autumn and winter time. It is a substantive, heavy and sour soup. We hope, however, that this description did not scare you away, if you have not tried it yet – because it is a wonderful dish.
Yes, a dish! It is one of the few soups that can fill a hungry wanderer (this is the most-bought soup in mountain hostels). But we are starting the subject from the wrong angle. This post is not about a żurek, or rather not directly… Because before we begin to prepare this soup we must have sourdough.

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Moussaka is probably one of the most mysterious, ambiguous and unique dishes. And it is so delicious! Let’s cook greek moussaka right now!

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Tapenade egg tapas

Tapenade is an olive paste that comes from French Provence. The main ingredients of tapenade are olives, green or black, capers, anchovies and olive oil. In southern France, where it comes from, tapenade is always served as an aperitif.
The first mention of tapenade dates back to 1899. It appears in “The Cuisinière Provençale” book, written by Jean-Baptiste Reboul, who was a chef of “La Maison Doree” restaurant in Marseille. Nevertheless, the are facts telling that tapenade was invented many years ago.
Although traditionally tapenade is usually made from black olives, you can also use green olives to prepare this paste. Today we will share our own recipe with you. So, let’s start.

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Classic Georgian aubergine rolls

One of our favourite cuisine in the world is the Georgian cuisine and you also might have noticed what we adore aubergine. In this Georgian rolls is presented the perfect combination of aubergines with walnuts. If you never tried it, don’t waste tour precious time, cook it right now and you won’t regret it! Those classic Georgian aubergine rolls with walnut stuffing and some pomegranate seeds are the best dish to impress your guests!

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BBQ chicken wings

There are several versions of BBQ sauce history, but there is evidence that in the fifteenth century Christoper Columbus brought sauce to Europe after his numerous expeditions. The art of grilling was presented to Europeans by North American and South American natives who used this sauce for marinating alpaca meat, now known as BBQ.
Today we have prepared for you our own recipe for BBQ sauce, to be precise the spicy BBQ wings. Enjoy!

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The anti-flu smoothie

As the winter weather doesn’t always work good for our health, we come to you with the simplest recipe of the anti-flu smoothie it’s tasty, got lots of vitamins and even natural antibiotics (in garlic). We recommend that you drink it regularly to increase your immunity. If you already got a cold, increase the amount of garlic, ginger and honey in the smoothie.

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BBQ dip

What is associated with BBQ? Well, for sure BBQ time with grilled meat. However, the barbecue recipes do not have to be limited to the main dishes and sandwiches.
Have you ever eaten a salad with a bbq dip? How about an omelette? Oh, the best recipe is a dip served with vegetables.
You must try it! A light dish, ready in a few minutes. A perfect snack not only for outside BBQ.

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