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Classic Georgian aubergine rolls

One of our favourite cuisine in the world is the Georgian cuisine and you also might have noticed what we adore aubergine. In this Georgian rolls is presented the perfect combination of aubergines with walnuts. If you never tried it, don’t waste tour precious time, cook it right now and you won’t regret it! Those classic Georgian aubergine rolls with walnut stuffing and some pomegranate seeds are the best dish to impress your guests!

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Khmeli-suneli is a legendary Georgian spice, which is known for its’ strong aroma and original taste. Some compare that spice to garam masala and indeed they have a few things in common. Khmeli-suneli is a mixture of different herbs, all of them grow in the Caucasus region and their mixture tastes a little bit like walnut.
Khmeli-suneli is the most know Georgian spice and is appreciated all around the world as its’aroma and taste is perfect for almost any savoury dish or marinade. It is a must-have for every Georgian and Armenian housewife and you can not imagine Caucasian cuisine without it.

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