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Svaneti salt

Svaneti salt is a Georgian spice, which was named after the rocky Svaneti region of Georgia, where it is produced. All the herbs which are added to the salt are growing in the Svaneti mountains. The Svaneti salt will bring the unique aroma and spicy oriental taste to your dishes.
Nowadays doctors are suggesting to minimize the amount of salt, so it is a great idea to use this herb salt instead of the ordinary one. Let’s make the legendary Svaneti salt today, and we are sure you’ll be using only it from now on.

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Khmeli-suneli is a legendary Georgian spice, which is known for its’ strong aroma and original taste. Some compare that spice to garam masala and indeed they have a few things in common. Khmeli-suneli is a mixture of different herbs, all of them grow in the Caucasus region and their mixture tastes a little bit like walnut.
Khmeli-suneli is the most know Georgian spice and is appreciated all around the world as its’aroma and taste is perfect for almost any savoury dish or marinade. It is a must-have for every Georgian and Armenian housewife and you can not imagine Caucasian cuisine without it.

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