Hot chocolate with red wine

Most of us associate chocolate with solid form and bars. But for millennia, chocolate functioned in a liquid form. How was it invented? Let’s move to the southeastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula and step back in time for about 2,500 years. It was the best days of Mayan civilization, the favourite drink of which was a chocolate drink. The Maya mixed chunky cocoa beans with chilli peppers and honey from wild bees. The chocolate drink was an indispensable element of all celebrations. How did cocoa appear in Europe? The first European, who appreciated cocoa, was Christopher Columbus. During his last trip to the New World, he took cocoa beans to Europe. Instead of cold water, Europeans mixed cocoa powder with hot water, switched chilli and honey to sugar and cinnamon. This changed drink has conquered all of Europe. Today we have our own recipe for hot chocolate based on red wine with chilli.

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