Don’t you love the Snickers bar? Because we surely do 🙂 But we decided that our favourite snickers can get even better! How? Simple! When it is homemade and when it is a whole cake – a Snickers Cake! And to make it even better there is no backing at all! As a bonus, we add to the snickers the most popular biscuits, the Petit-Beurre!

And do you know the story of those famous biscuits? Well, it is a long one.

The “Petit Beurre”, or “Véritable Petit Beurre”, also known under the initials “VPB”, is a kind of shortbread from Nantes, that is best known in France. It is the Petit Beurre of the LU society, which has become a success worldwide. The dry cake was invented in 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile in the city of Nantes and was inspired by some English productions at the time. It is known in Anglo-Saxon countries as the French Petit Beurre and is called “Petibör” in Turkey.


So after this little historical note let’s get to work! Because the combination of snickers and “Petit Beurre” biscuits in the cake is the best one ever!

The Snickers Cake
The Snickers Cake

Ingredients for the Snickers Cake:


  1. Before starting, cook the pudding from our recipe. You can as well, do it from a powder mix, just following the instructions on the package. But we suggest that it will be better to do the homemade version.
  2. First, whip the butter for 3 minutes. The butter must become a little bit fluffy.
  3. Second, add the pudding to the butter. Do it with pauses, adding small portions, step by step.
  4. Next, add half of the butterscotch to the pudding-butter mixture.
  5. Finally, add the peanut butter. As well we recommend doing the homemade version from our recipe. But you can also use the peanut butter bought in the shop.
  6. Now, as the cream for the cake is ready, we’ll start doing our cake. Take a backing form or a plastic container of size: 25 cm x 36 cm. To keep it clean, you can put a backing paper in the form or container.
  7. Make the first layer from the “petit beurre” biscuits, cower it with prepared cream. Repeat this step 3-4 times, making layers of biscuits and cream.
  8. The last layer of cream cover with a layer of biscuits.
  9. After that, cover that last layer of biscuits with half of the left butterscotch.
  10. Now crush the peanuts in the blender into small pieces. Do not turn it into butter, just crush them.
  11. Next, mix the leftovers of butterscotch and cover the snickers cake with those nuts.
  12. Put the snickers cake into the fridge for a couple of hours or for a night.
  13. Enjoy your own homemade snickers cake!
The Snickers Cake
The Snickers Cake

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