Don’t know about you, guys, but I am addicted to sweets and I can confess to that. But in the summertime instead of my beloved chocolate, cookies, cakes and other high-calorie sweet food I gladly reach for yummy seasonal colourful fruits and berries! I like them very very much! Sweet watermelon pizza is my favourite dessert in the summer. Fruits and berries satiate my need for sweet and at the same time, they deliver lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to my body. Also, that is very important, they hydrate our bodies. Remember, that water and right body hydration are very important in our life, especially in the summer and during the hot days.

pizza z arbuza na słodko
Sweet watermelon pizza

Today we will show you a recipe that is childishly simple: sweet watermelon pizza! With it, in only 5 minutes you will create a dish like a painting. Key to success is to mix the colours and the fruits. To make it more fun and interesting, I used a yellow watermelon. I highly recommend it to you as well. The yellow watermelon has even fewer calories than his red brother and delivers quite as many vitamins and minerals.

Let us hurry to eat fruits and vegetables as the season finishes too soon.

Сладкая пицца из арбуза
Sweet watermelon pizza

Ingredients for sweet watermelon pizza:

  • whole watermelon (medium or big one)
    You can use both red watermelon or the yellow one. The best ones will be seedless.
  • your favourite berries and forest fruits, around 200 g
    (red currant, raspberries, gooseberry, blueberries and other berries will work perfectly)
  • a few mint leaves
  • whipped cream (optional for those who like it really sweet)
Сладкая пицца из арбуза
Sweet watermelon pizza


  1. First of all, of course, we wash the watermelon and the berries or fruits we plan to use.
  2. The second step will be the most important in the preparation of the yummy pizza. We must cut off the base for our pizza. The middle ring from the watermelon will be needed. We’ll give you a tip on how to do it the simple way. First, cut the watermelon in half.
  3. After that, we place half of the watermelon on the desk upside down, narrowed side to the top. From the downside, we cut a ring 10 cm wide. Next, we do the same for the second half.
  4. That way, we get two bases for the pizza from one watermelon. You can also cut off one more, smaller ring from each side. The remaining part of the watermelon you can cut for snacks as you like or a better idea will be to make watermelon lemonade from it.
  5. Now, we proceed to the making of watermelon pizza. Place the base ring on the plate or desk, on which you want to serve it. Cut it in slices. We suggest to cut the base in half first, and then each half once more to cut in half. Continue until you’ll as much slices as you like. Medium watermelon can be cut in eight pieces.
  6. Next, we can start decorating and release our artistic fantasy. We put fruits, berries and mint leave on our pizza. If you want to make a sweeter version with whipped cream, spread the cream on watermelon before putting the berries.
  7. After putting on the perries our watermelon pizza is ready! It looks delicious and colourfull!
Sweet watermelon pizza
Sweet watermelon pizza

Sweet watermelon pizza is a great snack for everyone, even for the kids (if you make it without whipped cream)! It is cool for every day, for family dinner or also for a meeting with friends or a party! We dare to say this sweet watermelon pizza is a must-have for the hot summer day!

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Sweet watermelon pizza
Sweet watermelon pizza

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