Mulled beer is the perfect drink for autumn/winter evenings!

Sweet and very tasty, this is what mulled beer is all about! This delicious drink is perfect for those cool evenings. Check what recipes we have prepared. Autumn and winter is the time when we do not want to drink cold beer, and we would rather enjoy a spicy and honey aroma in our beverage. The preparation of mulled beer is very simple, so you will not have a problem with it.

For some mulled beer is considered the ideal medicine for a cold. They say that it destroys all germs. The drink improves blood circulation and quickly warms you up, which is why it works well during autumn or winter time. So let’s not disagree with “them” and just make some. Btw now you have a perfect excuse to drink beer :P.

It is just 3 simple ingredients and 3 simple steps. So let’s start!

Mulled beer by CRAVEmonkey
Mulled beer by CRAVEmonkey

Ingredients for mulled beer:


  1. Pour the beer into a pot and start heating it up on low heat (remember do not boil it!)
  2. Add honey and pumpkin pie spice and mix it well (remember that the beer will foam so do it gently)
  3. When the beverage is nice and warm pour it into a thick beer glass and enjoy!

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