Lithuanian deep-fried bread is a typical starter that you will find in any restaurant (and not only) in Lithuania. It’s so easy and delicious that we decided to show you how to make this delicacy. So follow these simple steps and enjoy the mouthwatering dish yourselves.

Lithuanian deep-fried bread can be served as a starter before the main dish to stop that first hunger. It also can be a side-dish for the meat or even for the fish. But also it can be a great snack for the beer. We like it that way the most. And it doesn’t matter do you like the light white beer or do you prefer intense dark one, or maybe you like cyder instead – for any those drinks Lithuanian deep-fried bread is a perfect snack.

Make that snack just once, and we are sure that it will be seen more often on your tables from that day on.

Ingredients for Lithuanian deep-fried bread:

  • 2 pieces of bread (best is Lithuanian but any on a darker side should do)
  • oil for deep-frying
  • 2 tbs of mayo
  • 25g of parmesan (or any other cheese finely milled)


  1. Cat pieces of bread of 1cm in thickness (they should look almost like chips/fries)
  2. In a meantime heat up the oil and then chuck the stripes of bread.
  3. Fry them until golden brown and set them aside on a paper towel to soak out the excess of oil
  4. Serve with mayo and milled cheese.

And enjoy!

BTW it is great for parties and tastes best fresh but whenever we make it it is no longer than 10 minutes when it is all gone… It is that good!

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