The biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve Party – is coming to town! Are you ready for the guests? No? In that case, the CRAVEmonkey team is coming to the rescue with our magic recipe of a great party snack.

This snack is magically connected with number “4” 🙂 See it for yourself: you need only 4 ingredients for it, the recipe has only 4 steps and there are 4 great advantages for this recipe: it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap and there’ll be enough snacks for everyone.

Enough talking already, cause the clock is ticking. Let’s not waste our time and get to work!


  • 400 g of cheese
  • 4 tbsp of mayo (or 2 tbsp of mayo mixed with 2 tbsp of sour yoghurt)
  • 1/2 tsp of powdered garlic
  • 1 baguette


  1. Grate the cheese on a grater.
  2. Add powdered garlic and mayo (or for more light version: mayo with yoghurt) and mix it all together.
  3. Cut the baguette into slices.
  4. Put the cheese on the baguette.

Quick and easy, right? Remember to taste the cheese mix while you are doing it and add more or less mayo and garlic depending on your taste and what you or your guests like. You can also decorate your garlic cheese snack. We recommend a slice of tomato on top, but you can also put cucumber or dill or whatever comes to your mind.

Tell us in the comments, how you decided to decorate your snack and share your pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.