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Best easter recipes

So Easter is upon us and we have decided to share with you all our Easter recipes. They are both sweet and savoury so definitely, everybody will find something for themselves.

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Today we have Shrove Tuesday or in simple words Pancake Tuesday (in some other regions also known as Mardi Gras). If you don’t know it basically it is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes.
Not that we need an excuse to eat pancakes but we are definitely down with celebrating it in style. Therefore we have gathered here for you our pancakes recipes. Enjoy!

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Christmas with CRAVEmonkey

Today is Christmas Eve and we want to share with you the traditions that we have in our families. Some may be obvious to you and others very surprising. Some are related to the country of our origin, but others are family traditions. If you do not know that CRAVEmonkey is created by the following three amazing people: Agata, who comes from Poland, Swietlana, who grew up in Moldova and Tatiana, who came to us from Belarus. We will present here traditions related to our countries as well as our family traditions.

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We are exploring some Mediterranean recipes this week, so we could not skip this classic. This recipe originates from North Africa and arguably is one of the most famous to have made it into our culture to the north.
It is really simple, or at least we have taken out some of the fuss from this recipe for all you at home by showing you the easily adaptable recipe. You can substitute the meat for an additional can of beans, or root based vegetables like sweet potato goes well. As well as this, you don’t have to use pork either like we did. You can use the same technique with beef, chicken, lamb or more veggies!

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We all in the UK have this as a staple food in our pub and bakery diet, as our bakeries are nothing compared to the rest of Europe. Then one day, some of us realised how easy and tasty these are to make at home.
And so the adventure begins. You can replicate your favourite sausages from around the world and wrap them in some puff pastry and voila you will have an amazing sausage roll.

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Smokey, sweet, with a little warmth from the chilli that will excite the pallet. Takes 5 minutes only to prepare.

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Our dirty cheese sauce is nice and can make your nacho’s special, or use it in a Mexican dish. See how to make the perfect dirty cheese sauce.

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Using our red sauce and bechamel sauce recipes and a few veggies, you can combine these to make this delicious veggie lasagne. To be honest this is our favourite lasagna because the sauce is usually the best bit and with this recipe, you will have a rich tomato, courgette lasagne, which will impress your friends.

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