Spring is in the air already, so we come to you with a recipe of a simple, but delight drink – Ananasecco. Only two ingredients, but tastes superb and is childishly simple to make.

As we mentioned, there are only two ingredients, but those are probably the best possible ingredients for a drink. First of all, we took prosecco as we all love those bubbles and that taste. And next, we added the cold pressed pineapple juice, which is really healthy for everyone. This juice reduces cholesterol, strengthens bones, prevents anaemia, ensures proper digestion, reduces the risk of cancer and also promotes male fertility. Even Kim Kardashian encouraged her fans on Instagram to Google the benefits of pineapple juice. And we as well advice you to read about it as the list of benefits is really long.

Let’s make this drink right now as it takes only two minutes! Brilliant and easy!


Ingredients for Ananasecco:

  • 1 pineapple juice (750 ml), cold pressed would be the best
  • 1 bottle of prosecco (750 ml)


  1. Shake the pineapple juice (350 ml) really hard in a shaker or just in the bottle. If you don’t have a shaker and use bottle, the bottle must be half empty so that you can shake it well. During the shaking, a white foam should appear in the juice.
  2. Take two wine or champagne glasses. Fill each glass in half with shaken juice. Make sure, that the white foam is in each glass.
  3. Pour the prosecco into the glass. The bubbles from prosecco will make the white foam even fluffier and the drink will look really interesting.
  4. Drink it and enjoy!
  5. Repeat the 1-3 steps with the second half of juice and prosecco. Run to the market to buy some more juice and prosecco if needed 😉

This drink is just great! It is really easy to make and looks really nice, so if you plan a party, make sure to get more bottles of prosecco and cold pressed pineapple juice. 😉

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