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Lithuanian deep-fried bread

This a typical starter that you will find in any restaurant (and not only) in Lithuania. It’s so easy and delicious that we decided to show you how to make this delicacy. So follow these simple steps and enjoy the mouthwatering dish yourselves.

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Best easter recipes

So Easter is upon us and we have decided to share with you all our Easter recipes. They are both sweet and savoury so definitely, everybody will find something for themselves.

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Christmas with CRAVEmonkey

Today is Christmas Eve and we want to share with you the traditions that we have in our families. Some may be obvious to you and others very surprising. Some are related to the country of our origin, but others are family traditions. If you do not know that CRAVEmonkey is created by the following three amazing people: Agata, who comes from Poland, Swietlana, who grew up in Moldova and Tatiana, who came to us from Belarus. We will present here traditions related to our countries as well as our family traditions.

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Lithuanian Cepelin

So here is another classic of Lithuanian cuisine! It is as famous here as pierogi in Poland – and as good! So go for it and enjoy them.
They might take a bit of practice but remember it is practice that makes a master!

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Lithuanian cold soup (Chłodnik Litewski)

So we are starting this trip with you with a total classic! It is so heavenly on those hot summer afternoons (or spring :P). We gonna be honest with you… we have been eating this amazing dish from day one of this trip and we get more and more in love with this soup with every single spoon…  
That is why we had to share this recipe with you so you could join us! Follow this simple steps and in no time you will be here with us!

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